If you look at any Kenya safari itinerary, there will probably be several game parks that you visit, but which is the best, and what if you only wanted to visit just one?

For example, our Kenya safari and beach holidays include 6 game parks, but not everyone wants to do so much travelling. A popular alternative to this sort of trip is to have a few days in a game park, then fly down to the beach for the rest of your holiday.

In my view, the number one game park by far is the Masai Mara. It is teeming with wildlife all year round, you’ll see the big 5, and there are many places to stay within the park.

The big 5 are lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino. But besides these, there are many giraffe, zebra, and wildebeest. The last two migrate to Tanzania from November to June, but are back in the Mara from July to October.

If you are coming to kenya primarily as a beach holiday, but would like 2-3 days on safari sometime in the middle, then Tsavo National Park is close to Mombasa and makes the best sense. Some safaris also include a night in Amboseli which is teeming with elephants and has the famous backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. But in general, don’t expect the same variety or numbers of wildlife that you’ll get in the Mara.

The reason the safaris include other parks in the itinerary is for the variety in animals and terrain. For example most will include a night at Aberdares and /or Mount Kenya – very scenic, there are often waterholes at the lodge which elephants frequently visit, and you get to stand on the equator.

But if its just a case of seeing as many animals as possible in a couple of days, then the Masai Mara is best.

One thing to note – it is a long and bumpy road to get there and back – say 6 hours to/from Nairobi. If you only have a few days, it makes sense to travel by light aircraft to/from Nairobi. Its not cheap, but is a fantastic experience.